Lake Como Fashion Styling

gorgeous places inspire beautiful outfits

Have a Lake Como special souvenir:

Be the model of your personal Photo Shoot, with a professionally chosen outfit, in one of the most beautiful locations of the world.

You are beautiful, you deserve this kind of special moment, and Lake Como is the perfect place for such an experience.


Like every bride-to-be, you  want to look perfect on your wedding day.

Especially if you decided to get married on Lake Como: make it all Italian!

Get a local professional assistance that can help you choose the perfect dress for you, the perfect makeup, the perfect everything.


Have a site inspection,  meet your local bridal stylist.


Holiday is an opportunity to rest, to discover new places and ... to rediscover yourself.

Especially if you're in Italy, the land of excellence in fashion and image.

So, instead of a massage, have an image consultancy session: find out about the colors and the shapes that perfectly suit you and about the refined Italian style.

Invite also your girl friends, an interactive session is even more fun, champagne included !

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