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To my beautiful, perfect Romanian co-nationals, whom I am proud to see conquering the world.

I know that you are elegant, perfectly cured and very well informed about the trends, your fame precedes you.

That is why I am happy to share with you my knowledge, directly from Milan Image Consulting schools I attended,

thus contributing in finding, for everyone of you, your best version.

Every girl should have her personal colour palette in her purse when shopping (see Colour Analysis chapter),

every girl should know her body shape features and how to use the right clothes to emphasize its strenghts (see Shapes Analysis) or which haircut or makeup is best for their facial shape.

Everyone of you deserves the dress that suits perfectly your body on your wedding day (see Bridal Styling).

And so much more.

Let's find the perfect style for everyone of you, let's be naturally ourselves, without just copying influencers' outfits, we can do better than that.

And remember: self awareness, personal branding and originality are the new black !