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About Smart Shopping

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

Experience showed me that most of us go #shopping ... unprepared.

The only situation when this is allowed, is when you do window-shopping: buying nothing and wandering the #shops just for inspiration, for a future real #shoppingsession. Otherwise, the items bought risk to end up in the back of the #wardrobe and rest there forever. Shops are full of beautiful articles, and fashion always knows how to renew the offer, in order to make you buy. There is always something that you do not have in your wardrobe, every season other colors are in auge, and if you are “weak” the #fashion “will get you”. BE STRONG. #Keepcalmandshopinyourowninterest. Not in the interest of the shop assistant that tries to make you buy no matter what. Therefore, my advice is :

ANALYSIS AND DOCUMENTATION. Analyze first your wardrobe and make a list of what you need. Documentate with pictures (es. the top that I need a skirt for). Imagine #fulloutfits. Rule: the article that you are to buy, must match at least 3 other items from your wardrobe. And don’t forget the #shoes. And if possible, take with you the items that need a match.

PLAN. Shopping is not to be done when you are tired, angry or hungry. You need to be in a good mood, comfortably dressed (easy to change), wear minimal make up (not the red lipstick that remains on your tops and also on the ones that you try), and no “luggage” (wear your smallest bag, if possible a cross-body, that gives you the possibility to fully use your hands).

“DRIVE TEST” - first “take a round”, don’t buy anything, just look and try. Breathe, Keep calm and enter the next shop. it’s not the end of the world, in 99,99 % of cases the blouse that you tried on 1 hour ago, it will be there, waiting for you, if you decide to buy it.

I’m sorry girls, but …. SHOP ALONE. If you really want #outstandingresults, the #outfits are like a the math problems that need tranquillity, to be solved. You can save the Girls Power Ride for the beginning (the initial window shopping) or the end (when you really need an objective opinion about the dress that you really want but don’t know if it fits well). Of course, here the exception is when you are assisted by a #PersonalShopper, that has the role of an External Brain, in that case, just relax and listen to her/his advice.

THE ISSUE OF TRUST. Do not ask the sales person if the dress suits you. They are there to sell. If you are really insecure, after the first ride, when you have identified the items that you want to buy, take with you the most “cruel” friend that you have. Of course, the best solution is, again, to be assisted by a professional, she will tell you the truth, because her professional image is reflected by the way you look.

QUALITY. Even if you don’t know much about fabrics, there are a few ways of checking their quality : the items that new, on the shop’s hangers, are already wrinkled, or full of lints are not to be trusted.

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