• Irina Ricciardi

Classic Blue on Lake Como

Here on the Lake, Classic Blue is not only the Color of the Year 2020, but of all years.

An ancient beautiful background that will stay here forever, deep waters with deep meanings, blue waters influencing our lives and ... our style.

For us, "I'm blue" has a new, positive meaning: our Lake is our everything.

We're blending with it, we're inspired by it, we get our relaxed and peaceful mood from it.

And you might think we're presumptuous, but we think it has something to do with the fact that Classic Blue was chosen as the Color of the Year - lately, a lot of the international fashion brands have found inspiration and location here.

That is why styling Classic Blue has a double meaning for us - we wear it as a symbol of the perpetuously changing fashion dictates, but especially as a symbol of our love for the lake.

So, let me tell you everything you need to know about Classic Blue:

how to style it, how to manage its flattering effect, best pairings, symbology, must haves:

Thank you for visiting Lake Como !

...and don't forget, when you leave, the best souvenir is a Classic Blue one :-)

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