• Irina Ricciardi

The Lake's Dress Code

Updated: Jul 29

Travelling is by definition a recipe with an unknown ingredient.

And for those who want to feel comfortable, but still stylish, and in perfect match with their holiday destination , every place would have to have a special “dress code” - not with a compulsory meaning, but with an aesthetic and simplifying role.

Lake Como has also its own charm and its unwritten dress code:

THE FLAT SHOE: that might be considered superfluous, we always (?) have a pair of flat shoes in our holiday luggage; here I am to remind you that beautiful Italy and its historical places welcome you with cobblestoned streets. Attention though: there is an enormous difference between the elegance of Audrey Hepburn’s ballerinas and the “grace” of a strong Birkenstock …

…or just THE MODERN SNEAKER : this is quicksand in terms of style. It’s true that fashion has decided that the sneaker has evolved its role and can be worn in more than just sporty occasions, but do Not try this at home if you’re not sure about how to do it.

THE MULTIFUNCTIONAL SCARF - if you are riding an open car, you already have it … and you can use it also for the boat ride that , by the way, is a must if you want a full lake experience. Against the wind or the sun. And sexy. And if you don’t have it already, that is better: you can buy one as a souvenir, you are in the “capital of silk”.

…or THE PASHMINA - summer nights on the lake are fabulous; there are some special places where you will feel that you can stay forever sipping a cocktail while looking at the stars over the lake. So don’t ruin the magic by not having your favorite pashmina, sometimes the air can be chilly. Lake Como is no Sicily, like Italy is no South-Africa. Better safe than sorry.

THE NAUTICAL LOOK - the lake, like the sea, is an immediate inspiration for the “sailor” outfits. And, good news, that matches with any style: from the simple stripes t-shirt with white sneakers and bluejeans, to the elegant “captain” jacket that allows also high heels. Your choice.

…or just THE BLUE ITEM - the blue sky reflected on the lake in a sunny day - any apparel item that has the color of the famous italian song “Azzurro….” will make you feel and look in perfect match with the place.

THE FLORAL DRESS - Lake Como is famous for its gardens - all colors and types of flowers, in gorgeous gardens overlooking the lake - dip your skirt’s hem in this perfumed multicolored carpet and wear you most flowered dress - you’ll feel like you own the garden, and in that exact moment you’ll really do.

…or just THE AFLUTTER DRESS - and if the breeze of the lake will reach and grab you in a romantic dance, which is the best way of “collaborating” if not a silky long dress blowing in the wind ?

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